Beyond the Iron Gate

Beyond the Iron Gate 36×36 Acrylic and Gold on Canvas

A journey through intimacy;

The red circle of passion inspires and guides us to connect with another.

But to get to the ultimate intimacy we must go beyond the rusted gates of our past experiences (in the foreground) and let go of the scars and bruises.

The blue represents turning experiences into wisdom. These are the steps toward our goal.

As we continue following our passion we come to yet another gate to get beyond and behind that gate is more blue and so on.

We are always surrounded by the yellow/gold which represents awareness, enlightenment and creativity amidst the passion but there are intermittent moments of darkness and loneliness on this journey toward intimacy.

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2 Responses to Beyond the Iron Gate

  1. julie s brumbaugh says:

    love all your art and you. thinking of you today. julie

  2. julie s brumbaugh says:

    Lea….haven’t heard from you in a long, long, time. Are you doing OK? Miss you. Love you, Julie

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