In The Prime of His Mortality

In the Prime of His Mortality • 36×48 • Acrylic and Gold on Canvas

A man aspiring to the highest part of himself can be brutally dropped into the realm of earth and reminded that life can be measured by something as basic as how long one’s teeth last.

Aging can be beautiful if it is accepted with grace and golden wisdom.

If aging is met with resistance it may knock out a tooth just to remind the mortal to appreciate the time that is left.

Balancing earthly existence with a heavenly self image is always a struggle.

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2 Responses to In The Prime of His Mortality

  1. lovinginthenow says:

    Did you paint this!? It is soo beautiful! I usually don’t resonate with abstract paintings but this just grabbed me from the screen! Thank you!

  2. orionoir says:

    a friend who is going through a sad divorce spoke to me today of a cracked tooth, how it seemed an insurmountable setback, as profound as cancer or heart failure. your are right, teeth and mortality are inextricable.

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