Last Memory of Earth

Last Memory of Earth • 48×36 • Acrylic on Canvas

A perspective from standing on the Earth while simultaneously disassociating ourselves from the Earth, projecting it as an image in the distance. We are distant and detached from the very place we live.

The canvas is scratched and scarred much like we continue to scar the Earth.

The green represents fruition, harmony, and potential abundance but through the subtle yellow of creativity is etched layers of ignorance and indulgence as the Earth we stand upon recedes into a dream like memory.

There is hope in the lavender and an appeal for mercy in the blue of the scars.

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5 Responses to Last Memory of Earth

  1. Drea M. says:

    Your art is wonderful.

  2. Trace Kelley says:

    I really enjoy your paintings and I’m anxious to see what you are working on now.

  3. Milly McKimmy says:

    Your paintings are unique and beautiful.I especially love “Last Memory of Earth”.I could stare at it all day.

  4. orionoir says:

    the other day i came to a favorite beautiful place that had been savagely excavated. the scarred land was eroding terribly. with the housing downturn has come a new crime: the abandoned job-site. no longer does a new house quicklyerase the memory of what these men so mindlessly do to the woods… instead, the wound remains, mutely testifying to our collective sin.

  5. Michael Green says:

    Beautiful, but no need for an explanation of the colors. As usual, they all flowed organically. Still, this wasn’t a didactic “explanation.” Glad, therefore, for your feelings/thoughts. 🙂

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