Starving on Stained Glass

Starving on Stained Glass 40×30 Acrylic and Gold on Canvas


The Church has always announced itself as a friend to the poor.

So many seek food, shelter, and comfort in the faith based social services available when society does not care for the destitute. But to eat, you must first hear the diatribe while you wait.

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5 Responses to Starving on Stained Glass

  1. Groundy says:

    Do you sell your artwork?

  2. leakelley says:

    Many of the pieces on this site have been sold but there are still several available.
    Some are designated for galleries but I also do private showings and consignment work for specific environments.
    Thanks so much for your interest!

  3. glassowater says:

    I just saved this image for my desktop…. 🙂 love it!!!

  4. Desirae Hill says:

    …the gold in this piece draws me to Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss…

  5. Groundy says:

    As time has passed I am still drawn to this piece.
    I love it.

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