Significance of Man

Significance of Man

40×30 Acrylic and Gold on Canvas

Significance of Man

To know we exist, we reflect upon that which is beyond us as something that resides within us. We aspire to be larger than that which we are, yet we contain our existence, we restrain our existence within the structures we create as a society.

Few truly reflect from their being, that which is higher than self. Only three (the number of creativity) lower squares reflect the higher circle.

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2 Responses to Significance of Man

  1. a cooper says:

    how can i purchase your paintings? are they for sale?

  2. leakelley says:

    Dear a Cooper,
    Thank you for your interest in my work!
    This particular painting is available at FOG Gallery in Bellingham, Washington.
    (360) 220-2150

    Others are available at 5th on Sixth Gallery

    If you are interested in one that is not on exhibit, you may contact me personally.

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