Pollinating Period (Blue Moon)

Pollinating Period (Blue Moon) 36×48 Acrylic and Gold on Canvas

As a woman approaches the middle of her life, the opportunities to birth a child, or create progeny, become fewer and fewer until those opportunities are as rare as a blue moon.

This abstract expansion is layered over an image of an egg, layered over a baby chick, representing the evolution from the Spring of maidenhood to the colors of a woman in Autumn.

The falling spray of potential  pollination, during that fading  blue moon, falls softly into acceptance and movement into another beautiful phase of womanhood —in which she is free to cultivate other seeds of creation through wisdom.

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2 Responses to Pollinating Period (Blue Moon)

  1. neuroaster says:

    A feast for the eyes 😀

  2. anhinga says:

    My goodness, girl, you are good. I have never seen abstracts with such feeling. I can only imagine what they are like in person. You definitely have that special something.

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