36×36 Acrylic and Gold on Canvas


36x36Acrylic and Gold on Canvas

Los Angeles, California: A city of Creativity (gold) attempting to manuever it’s way through the grids of complicated, somewhat chaotic, pathways.

The heat, the lights, the random paths, the intensity, all combine to call out to the creative individual around the edges. Yet, so many are left on the fringes. Once the gold does penetrate the grid, it tends to conform to the path of chaos. The purity of the gold can become diluted or it can stand out from the rest of the colors when it adheres to it’s origianl path without becoming consumed.

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2 Responses to City

  1. A truly gorgeous, powerful piece of work!

  2. I love the bright vibrant colors on this work. The layers and texture and mark in your work is fabulous and intriguing. Beautiful works of art.

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