New Guardian

New Guardian 36×36 Acrylic and Gold on Canvas

Changing of the guard does not always mean changing of the environment.

A Guardian is sacred but that which he guards is what makes him sacred.

One can hope and believe the words from the mouth of the guardian.

The words are seeds that inspire change in the hearts of the guarded.

But it is after the guardian demonstrates his intent, that we feel safeguarded and hope is justified.

May the seeds grow into a strong tree to shelter Humanity from harsh storms.

May we all support the New Guardian with our own efforts, to nourish the soil that has been so parched.

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3 Responses to New Guardian

  1. ybonesy says:

    I noticed that you used gold (leaf?) in this wonderful painting. It shimmers, as hope should. And there is something very powerful about the idea of feeling safeguarded, in that it’s not just about a paternal sort of protection, but a safe place to come out and work toward change ourselves.

  2. orionoir says:

    this reminds me of the aerial shots of the earthquake and tsunami damage in japan. for me your work soothes many discordant and despairing feelings; i sense a nurturing spirit.

  3. githa says:

    The contrast between the watery and the radiant orange globes – radiant – molten-color.

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