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Available Paintings as of  March 2014:

Tree of Tantalus  in-the-shadow-of-ungrown-trees  The Precipice  Sancti Terra Bellum       followers    the-messenger  On the Brink of Civilization       new-guardian    Dancing Under Water  too-late-to-cryMaslow's Mesa  City  meeting-of-the-minds1  

    fire-dancer-solo   fire-dancers





              Significance of Man  village-of-sleeping-truths1  eyes-of-fallen-kings            eating-stained-glass alone-wounded-healer1            in-the-past1

For history information see Collected Works

3 Responses to Gallery

  1. Lea,
    Your work is amazing! My husband Mark (the Fed Ex driver) said he had a really great conversation with you yesterday. I would like to have coffee with you next week sometime, send me an e-mail and let me know what your schedule is…. Nancy

  2. sally butler says:

    Please could you let me have prices of your work. I was also looking for the picture of a dandelion clock but cannot find it on your site?



  3. leakelley says:

    Sally, In regard to dandelions, My piece “Dandelions Grow Anywhere” is no longer available.
    For pricing on others, you may contact me through my e-mail, found in the side menu.
    Thanks very much,
    Lea Kelley

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