The Pyramids of Somnia

The Pyramids of Somnia  60×48 Acrylic and Raw Pigment on Canvas

The Pyramids of Somnia-1

We live in a culture where sleep is considered an incidental part of our lives.

We work until we are exhausted—we consume caffeine, energy drinks, even pharmaceuticals to keep us going until we can go no more.

We attempt to stay physically awake in order to accomplish more goals, have more experiences, cope with the insane demands of our way of life.

The consequences of avoiding sleep,  intentionally or not, can actually put us to sleep in a different way, walking through the Pyramids of Somnia in a daze, a waking dream where a sandstorm may be rising to bury us as we sleepwalk.

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1 Response to The Pyramids of Somnia

  1. prewitt1970 says:

    I like this piece, well done.

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