Maslow’s Mesa

Maslow’s Mesa • 60×48 • Acrylic and Gold on Canvas

Maslow's Mesa

Self Actualization may come in steps, but is there really an hierarchy?

Maybe we experience elements of “Self” Actualization intermittently, even if we are hungry or we feel alone.

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2 Responses to Maslow’s Mesa

  1. Sam Cannon says:

    You’re only the second person, I think, to emphasize “self” in self-actualization. I often write SELF-actualization.

    There are some (introverts) who have low belongingness needs, but not the ABSENSE thereof. Colin Wilson’s outsider lives at the boundary, pushing into the Mysterium Tremendum. The tidy accountant stares into the Face of the Maelstrom. This is boundary tension, which appears on the surface of a sphere based on gravities, even though some are small.

    In order to find the bumps in the shell, fluid dynamics. Penetration is the goal. This means penetration by both good guys and bad guys. The good guys should sail right in., etc.

    Anyway, it’s easy to see self-esteem blocks.

    What I wonder about is pain at the B-level, or what you could call “SA Pain.” This would be the “born pilot” WITH “coke-bottle-bottom glasses”. What this says is that there is cognitive dissonance at the B-level. If one CAN contribute to Truth or Beauty of Justice or Wholeness, etc., then one must. This is where open source MUST prove to be more eupsychian than private hoarding.

    Crap! When will we stop persecuting the people with a communal nature. The more we share at the lower levels, the more we can explore up the ladder. What’s the message, after all, in Moon Europa about the ladder? (“We have to stop this cancer now.”)

    Growth happens at the tips, where there is a choice between paths to complexity-sans cancer. Good choosers are lucky, or they are smart.

    Whole point is that growth heads toward complexity, because the more experiments, the better. But if there’s no feedback from the frontier, there is more noise. At some point, the future is noise, but one JND less than this it is obvious.

    Here’s the whole secret: if there is no explorative pressure, no sense of adventure, the Higher Life dies. Man was born to explore and sniff around the realms of Otto’s Das Heliege.
    Maslow might say, “It’s not about what’s holy, but about what’s really holy.

    Those who have no experience of the mysterium tremendum cannot decide whether Sid Caesar was prophetic or insane. They need to build abs and then come back requesting osmosis.

    One grows sleepy from the wine and dolpherilyl-Forte. Ah, would they bring back Laudinvm. Anaesthesia Morbidosa. Klick and Klack.

  2. Linda says:

    In person, this is an amazing painting. There is no photograph that can portray the feeling of color, the many colors, the reflections, that reveal themselves to the living eye. Electronic versions of paintings are welcomed glimpses, but…ahhhh…the paintings themselves…such a gift. Paint on, my friend. And, when we’re able, we should see your work in person, then take it home, and live with it. L.

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